School Visits

The Museum offers a diverse set of inquiry-based programs designed to challenge students to think critically about a wide range of topics related to 9/11, as well as the option to self-guide. See below for helpful information about how to book your school visit and prepare your students.

A tour guide points to pictures in a display case as he leads a group of middle school students through the Museum. The students have pencils and clipboards.
Photo by Jin S. Lee
Two young girls sit at a white table and write on paper with pencils as they take part in a school program at the Museum.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

Book Your School Visit

We offer guided school programs and self-guided visits to the Museum.

Reservations for guided school programs are now available from September 19, 2019, to December 23, 2019, using our online education booking portal. All programs align with the Common Core Standards, require one chaperone per 10 students, and are presented in English. Visit our School Programs page for additional information.

Those interested in booking a self-guided school visit should contact the Group Sales Department directly.

Prepare Your Students for Their Visit

Although the World Trade Center (WTC) complex is well on its way to being rebuilt, for many this is still an intense, emotional place to visit. Students should be prepared to see people who are visibly upset or crying. Remind students to please be respectful. Many of the visitors to the Memorial and Museum were personally affected by that day, so it’s important that the students respect them and the Memorial itself.

Be sure to emphasize, though, that the students will also be visiting a location where many compassionate and heroic deeds occurred. Heroes were everywhere on 9/11 and in the days afterward. The shock and the sadness also brought people—here in New York and around the world—together in a way that felt special. We are also remembering those heroes and those times.

For more comprehensive information about our education programs, lesson plans, and resources, please visit the Learn section on our website. The 9/11 FAQ provides basic information about the WTC and the Twin Towers, the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath, and the rebuilding of the WTC site. The September 11 Attack Interactive Timeline provides a minute-by-minute account of the attacks. Talking to Children about Terrorism offers broad guidelines to help you discuss 9/11 in a productive and safe way with your class.

School Visit Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about guided and self-guided visits to the Museum, including pricing and our code of conduct for visitors.