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David Pruitt

Apple Valley CA United States

Statement of Work

I am a self-taught artist with some academic training across a variety of media, but overall I prefer drawing as my primary means of expression.

As a child, I loved reading the newspaper funnies and watching cartoons on TV.  Through my fascination with cartoons, I developed a passion for drawing, for creating characters and telling stories with my art.  Inspired by a desire to create stories, I have worked at developing a personal style of illustration.

In my drawings, I seek to establish an allegorical narrative through a personalized iconography of cartoon characters and visual metaphor.  Although personal by nature, the narrative retains the ambiguity inherent in such symbolism that it allows the viewer the freedom of projecting one’s own interpretation onto the artwork and becoming part of the creative exchange of concepts and ideas.

I love making art because it fulfills me.  I love making something that didn’t exist before and sharing that creative discovery with others.  I want to create art that asks questions and makes people think, and I also want to create art that people will enjoy simply for its own sake.  My work communicates who I am, and through this communication I hope that I may provide a new and unique insight for the viewer, as well as for myself, on the nature and meaning of life.


I am a visual arts teacher at Granite Hills High School in Apple Valley, California, where I have taught since 2000. I have a History BA from Cal State University, San Bernardino and a Fine Arts AA from Victor Valley College. I have a Professional Clear Teaching Credential in both Art and History. Prior to my teaching career, I honorably served four years active duty in the United States Marine Corps. I am primarily a self-taught artist, with some classical collegiate studio training in a variety of drawing and painting media.